Update: Autism Acceptance Month, Aro Ace April and Camp NaNoWriMo


It's April 2nd today, which means: We survived April Fools (or did we?) It's Autism Acceptance Month It's Aro Ace Month It's time for Camp NaNoWriMo Reading wise, Becca's Book Realm is hosting the #AutisticPrideMonth: Description: bingo slots include: ownvoices rep scifi or fantasy romance indie or self-published queer author or rep by an autistic … Continue reading Update: Autism Acceptance Month, Aro Ace April and Camp NaNoWriMo


Getting Personal: Umbrella Terms

I recently discovered that I prefer using umbrella terms, instead of more specific terms, to identify myself. Identity is a hard thing to grasp, even harder when you deal with imposter syndrome. For those unfamiliar with these things: imposter syndrome: the persistent inability to believe that one's success is deserved or has been legitimately achieved as … Continue reading Getting Personal: Umbrella Terms

Review: Of Fire and Starts by Audrey Coulthurst


Goodreads 4/5 fiery stars for a f/f fantasy novel with a forbidden romance. "...I knew that given the chance to do everything over again, I would willingly make the same mistakes twenty times over.”  Of Fire and Stars is one of those books that gets better as you keep reading, in my opinion. Of course, I … Continue reading Review: Of Fire and Starts by Audrey Coulthurst

Why I write ownvoices

I read to escape, to explore different worlds, and to become someone else. I write for the same reasons, but also because I don't see myself in books. Growing up autistic and developing social anxiety and depression, books were my best friends, and often my only friends. I loved reading about magic, different worlds, possible … Continue reading Why I write ownvoices

Getting personal: Queer and Questioning

Picture: Rebel logo with bi flag. Credits to artist on Twitter. If there are any words or terms in this post which you don't understand, then please Google them. This post is to share my story, not to educate people. TW & CW kissing and sex without consent, blackmailing, queerphobia When I was 14, I … Continue reading Getting personal: Queer and Questioning