I’m not okay, but that’s okay?

CW burn-out, depression, self-harm, chronic pain, menstruation You may be wondering what I mean with my title. I'll do my best to explain this. Thing is, I haven't been doing too well lately. And that's okay. By okay, I don't mean I deserve to not be okay. I just mean that suffering is not a taboo. I won't … Continue reading I’m not okay, but that’s okay?


Advice for dealing with health care providers

After some thinking and after discussing things with my boyfriend (a med student) and my mom (who has similar problems to mine), as well as on Twitter, I decided to write this post to hopefully help those like me who need health care and have difficulty in dealing with health care providers. These are my … Continue reading Advice for dealing with health care providers


Getting personal: money and mental health

Content warnings: money, anxiety, panic attacks, suicide I figured that since I've been complaining about money for a while now on Twitter, I might as well elaborate on my problems with money. I'm from what I consider a middle-class family. We had the basics, my parents made ends meet every month, but not without struggle. … Continue reading Getting personal: money and mental health


Getting Personal: Umbrella Terms

I recently discovered that I prefer using umbrella terms, instead of more specific terms, to identify myself. Identity is a hard thing to grasp, even harder when you deal with imposter syndrome. For those unfamiliar with these things: imposter syndrome: the persistent inability to believe that one's success is deserved or has been legitimately achieved as … Continue reading Getting Personal: Umbrella Terms


Personal writing: poems

Last year, I started writing poetry. Today, I added more poems to the collection I started. I have no plans for this, but I wish to share some of them with you. Be warned, as these poems may be triggering to autistic people and/or people who have experienced anxiety and/or depression. Stay safe. The poems: … Continue reading Personal writing: poems


Getting personal: diagnoses and identity: I am autistic

I was diagnosed with Asperger's and social anxiety at the age of 13. They changed my diagnoses to Autism Spectrum Disorder with symptoms of depression when I was 16* I was re-diagnosed by my new mental health care provider at the age of 18 with Autism Spectrum Disorder. *This is around the time when they … Continue reading Getting personal: diagnoses and identity: I am autistic


Getting personal: Dreams versus Reality part I: Teenage Writer

You can find the books mentioned below on the Goodreads Author page I made back then (shame shame shame) I felt like writing a piece on hopes and dreams versus reality, so here you go: I'm at that age now where people consider me an adult and expect me to be able to make decisions … Continue reading Getting personal: Dreams versus Reality part I: Teenage Writer


Getting personal: emotion regulation

Trigger warnings: anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts This is a bunch of rambling, so read it at your own risk. Part of me doesn't want to write this, but I feel like it might help me, and hopefully others. Right now, I'm shaking, I have a weird feeling in my chest, I feel the urge to … Continue reading Getting personal: emotion regulation

Why I write ownvoices

I read to escape, to explore different worlds, and to become someone else. I write for the same reasons, but also because I don't see myself in books. Growing up autistic and developing social anxiety and depression, books were my best friends, and often my only friends. I loved reading about magic, different worlds, possible … Continue reading Why I write ownvoices

Getting personal: mentally recovering

Trigger and content warnings: depression, anxiety, panic attacks, anxiety attacks, suicide attempts, substance abuse, emotional abuse, ableism, fatalism, pessimism, sexual abuse In my last personal blog post, I focused on autism and how it affected my life. I figured I would write another post to tell you about my depression and anxiety - which are … Continue reading Getting personal: mentally recovering