I’m not okay, but that’s okay?

CW burn-out, depression, self-harm, chronic pain, menstruation You may be wondering what I mean with my title. I'll do my best to explain this. Thing is, I haven't been doing too well lately. And that's okay. By okay, I don't mean I deserve to not be okay. I just mean that suffering is not a taboo. I won't … Continue reading I’m not okay, but that’s okay?


Advice for dealing with health care providers

After some thinking and after discussing things with my boyfriend (a med student) and my mom (who has similar problems to mine), as well as on Twitter, I decided to write this post to hopefully help those like me who need health care and have difficulty in dealing with health care providers. These are my … Continue reading Advice for dealing with health care providers

To hurt a mind

Some pain cannot be seen. Like the artrose in my mother's hands, and the pain of loss and grieving.It can be hard to understand unseen pain. A broken arm is hard to miss, but a depression is often overlooked.That which cannot be seen may still be there. Faith exists, even when that which people believe … Continue reading To hurt a mind