Getting personal: Dreams versus Reality part I: Teenage Writer

You can find the books mentioned below on the Goodreads Author page I made back then (shame shame shame) I felt like writing a piece on hopes and dreams versus reality, so here you go: I'm at that age now where people consider me an adult and expect me to be able to make decisions … Continue reading Getting personal: Dreams versus Reality part I: Teenage Writer


Writing: The Girl in Man’s Armor

Dalila joins the war disguised as her brother Don, taking his place, in order to save him. If they find out she’s not actually her brother, she’ll be executed, but it’s more likely a soldier, magician, or dragon will kill her first. That’s one of my current pitches for The Girl in Man’s Armor, the … Continue reading Writing: The Girl in Man’s Armor

Getting personal: Queer and Questioning

Picture: Rebel logo with bi flag. Credits to artist on Twitter. If there are any words or terms in this post which you don't understand, then please Google them. This post is to share my story, not to educate people. TW & CW kissing and sex without consent, blackmailing, queerphobia When I was 14, I … Continue reading Getting personal: Queer and Questioning

Getting personal: mentally recovering

Trigger and content warnings: depression, anxiety, panic attacks, anxiety attacks, suicide attempts, substance abuse, emotional abuse, ableism, fatalism, pessimism, sexual abuse In my last personal blog post, I focused on autism and how it affected my life. I figured I would write another post to tell you about my depression and anxiety - which are … Continue reading Getting personal: mentally recovering

Getting personal

TRIGGER WARNINGS: SEXUAL ABUSE, LONELINESS, BULLYING, DEPRESSION, LOW SELF-ESTEEM, ABLEISM When I feel lonely, I do things that are considered strange. Back in Elementary School, I had no friends, but I would think of friends of my own: imaginary friends. Imaginary friends are the best. My first imaginary friend was named Nina. We did lots of … Continue reading Getting personal