Update: Autism Acceptance Month, Aro Ace April and Camp NaNoWriMo


It's April 2nd today, which means: We survived April Fools (or did we?) It's Autism Acceptance Month It's Aro Ace Month It's time for Camp NaNoWriMo Reading wise, Becca's Book Realm is hosting the #AutisticPrideMonth: Description: bingo slots include: ownvoices rep scifi or fantasy romance indie or self-published queer author or rep by an autistic … Continue reading Update: Autism Acceptance Month, Aro Ace April and Camp NaNoWriMo


Personal writing: poems

Last year, I started writing poetry. Today, I added more poems to the collection I started. I have no plans for this, but I wish to share some of them with you. Be warned, as these poems may be triggering to autistic people and/or people who have experienced anxiety and/or depression. Stay safe. The poems: … Continue reading Personal writing: poems


Getting personal: Dreams versus Reality part I: Teenage Writer

You can find the books mentioned below on the Goodreads Author page I made back then (shame shame shame) I felt like writing a piece on hopes and dreams versus reality, so here you go: I'm at that age now where people consider me an adult and expect me to be able to make decisions … Continue reading Getting personal: Dreams versus Reality part I: Teenage Writer

Why I write ownvoices

I read to escape, to explore different worlds, and to become someone else. I write for the same reasons, but also because I don't see myself in books. Growing up autistic and developing social anxiety and depression, books were my best friends, and often my only friends. I loved reading about magic, different worlds, possible … Continue reading Why I write ownvoices


Writing: The Girl in Man’s Armor

Dalila joins the war disguised as her brother Don, taking his place, in order to save him. If they find out she’s not actually her brother, she’ll be executed, but it’s more likely a soldier, magician, or dragon will kill her first. That’s one of my current pitches for The Girl in Man’s Armor, the … Continue reading Writing: The Girl in Man’s Armor

AMMConnect: Rachel Thijssen

Hello peeps! Thanks for reading this post in which I introduce myself for AMMConnect 🙂 My manuscript, THE GIRL IN MAN'S ARMOR, has gotten both very positive and quite negative responses. People seem to love the idea of Joan of Arc meets An Ember in the Ashes, but not everyone is a fan of the way I … Continue reading AMMConnect: Rachel Thijssen

YA event – experience and haul

I decided to share my experiences at the YA event in Den Bosch, Adr. Heinen bookshop :)I got to meet authors Corinne Duyvis, Benthe van Orsouw and Marielle Brouwer as they presented their books, read a few lines from their work and talked about writing and publishing.This was my first time attending such an event … Continue reading YA event – experience and haul

#SonOfAPitch query and first page

Hi everyone!I posted my current query and first page of THE GIRL IN MAN'S ARMOR below. Feel free to tear it apart!Title: THE GIRL IN MAN'S ARMORGenre: YA FantasyWordcount: 88.000Query:Seventeen-year-old Dalila has no friends of her own and sees herself as worthless. When her older brother Don, a devoted husband and expectant father, is called … Continue reading #SonOfAPitch query and first page